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Soggy Doggy Changes the Game with a Shake

It’s all fun and games until the soaked pup starts shakin’.

In Soggy Doggy, one of Spin Master‘s newest games, players race around the board washing the dog in the middle of the board. But, if he shakes during your turn, then you have to start all over again! The first player to make it around the board to the doggy basket wins.

Unlike some games that mix in water, Soggy Doggy’s main goal isn’t to try to avoid getting drenched, soaked, or pied—I’m looking at you, Dunk Hat. However, there is only one thing standing in your way to the finish line: a very Soggy Doggy.

The doggy itself is a very endearing character, and looks just like a familiar, friendly doggo from down the block. It has the look and feel of a rubber sponge that you’d find at a car wash. When it shakes, it will mimic a dog drying itself when it gets too wet, because players are continuously pouring more water on it throughout the game. And since “Giving my dog a bath was super easy,” is a sentence that nobody has said ever, it comes to no surprise that the dog will shake while he’s getting a shower.

Playing requires a quick assembly of snapping in Soggy Doggy inside of its bathtub. Lay the game board on a flat surface, insert the shoer attachment, and pour water into the bathtub. The youngest players rolls the die first, moving his or her piece to the first unoccupied space of the matching color on the game board.

If you land on a paw print, then you push the handle down to get Soggy Doggy wet, but if you land on a bone, then you twist the faucet on the bathtub. While players twist the faucet, Soggy Doggy will at random begin to shake. If he doesn’t shake, then you’re in the clear, but if he does, then you have to go back to the beginning of the board. I promise that you will hardly get wet at all, and the dog will be more wet than you!

Take a peek below to see how he shakes—it’s adorable every time!


Don’t worry—I know what you’re thinking. If you have terrible luck like I do, then there’s a chance that Soggy Doggy could shake every single time it’s your turn. To help cope with the pain, players are given a token when they are sent back to the starting line. So, the next time the dog shakes when it’s their turn, then they can use a token and be safe. Phew!

Please remember, since this is a water toy, don’t forget to take proper care of the pieces as per the instructions, so your Soggy Doggy doesn’t become become Grossy Doggy.

Soggy Doggy is a cute and fun game for the whole family. Who can make it around the board first without getting wet?

 AGES: 4+
 MSRP: $19.99

Madballs Series 2 Is Perfectly Repulsive

Time for the toy box to get a little less pretty.

With Just Play’s new line of Madballs series two, kids ages 4 and up can add even more horrendous faces to their collection of squeezable monstrosities.

For those who aren’t familiar, Madballs are a series of 3-inch foam balls with distinct personalities and grotesque appearances. Being horendous is their appeal, and they’ve been a cult classic since 1985.

The new series two characters are fondly named Lock Lips, Swine Sucker, Bruise Brother, Buzz Off, Fist Face, and Snake Bait. In other words, all things you may have branded your younger sibling as during a pre-teen fit of a rage.

Let’s take a closer look at newest, most ugly additions to the line:

Lock Lips is a wrecking ball with a metal lock for a mouth. He might not be the most adorable, but he sure is good at keeping secrets.

Swine Sucker is a wide-eyed pig with a mammoth of an overbite. He’s even got stiches that run around his body, seemingly to hold together pieces of decaying flesh.

Bruise Brother is a burly blue bearded ball (try saying that five times fast) with nasty breath. His tongue—which dangles from his mouth—is covered in fungus, and a sticker reading “MOM” adorns the left side of his helmet.

Buzz Off might be my favorite of the bunch. Stylized like a bigheaded bug, Buzz Off features two gargantuan orange eyeballs and some seriously unhealthy looking green pincers.

Fist Face is a fist with a face. Surprise! His purple skin and lime green fingernails make this Cyclops one unattractive character. He likes pizza and soda though, so he’s all right with me.

Snake Bait is super cool looking, and features a head with a missing eye inside the mouth of a slithering serpent. There’s even venom that hangs from the fangs.

In addition to the main series two characters, there are also blind bags that feature mix-ups of old and new characters, which include Wolf Breath, Slobbernaut, Freaky Fullback, Aargh!, Sushissasin, and Skunkvenger.

For kids who greet grossness with a warm welcome, the characters within the new Madballs series two line are an ideal fit. Kids can role-play with them, bounce or throw them in the yard, or use them to relieve stress.

Grow Little Bodies and Minds with the Laugh & Learn Crawl-Around Center


When Fisher-Price says that its new Laugh & Learn Crawl-Around Learning Center is the “ultimate” active learning center, they are not kidding. This play area has it all: puppies, music, lights, sounds, and personalized recorded messages from Mom and Dad.

The “learning” part comes in with the inclusion of Fisher-Price’s Smart Stages content in three adjustable levels. The first stage is for kids ages 6 months and up, where they can learn to explore. There are a lot of hands-on activities to help baby learn that a little bit of the cause and effect of their actions. For example, the chunky green light switch actually turns the house’s lights on and off, letting kids see how flipping the switch makes things happen.

When kids are about a year old, parents can switch over to the second level: encourage. Now, the play center will prompt kids to find different shapes, identify colors of the piano keys, and locate different parts of the puppy’s body. As kids correctly identify different parts, they hear fun rewards and feedback, encouraging them to want to keep learning.

The last stage, pretend, comes in when kids reach 18 months. This stage encourages imaginative play, and features fun sounds, songs, and phrases. This stage encourages role play, such as having a snack with the puppy, hopping like a frog, and more!

These smart stages let the Learning Center grow with baby—making it a great buy for parents. The Learning Center is designed for kids to crawl around to the different stations, helping them stay entertained and engaged. There is tons of play value in the four stations that baby can explore.

The first stage is a puppy that teaches body parts, opposites, colors, and ABCs. It also gives kids a chance to get familiar with tactile play with its drop-through play, as they send the colorful shapes down the chute.

On the next panel, kids can use the phone to dial up fun. This phone lets parents record a message just for kids, so that when they press a button, they can play it back. The archway that connects the panels activates when baby’s crawl through, and they’re surprised with a musical reward, encouraging them to continue exploring.

The third panel is packed full of sensory play. There is a mirror for baby to discover themselves in, a jumbo rattle roller, a fishbowl clicker, and a textured turtle.

The last panel features a customizable picture frame, a peek-a-boo window that kids can slide up and down and much more.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of these incredible features, let me further overwhelm you with the idea that all of the characters featured on this Learning Center are bright, colorful, and friendly, and all of the chunky pieces are perfect for tiny hands. It is packed with educational content, but also features a lot of fun sounds and cues that will definitely keep baby engaged.

Be A VTech Princess with the New Enchanted Princess Palace

At the risk of sounding super basic: I. Literally. Cannot. Even.


Here at the Toy Insider offices, we have a bit of a tradition, where everyone is a princess on the inside, and that is celebrated. When you are succeeding, you are immediately dubbed “princess” of that thing. For example, our fabulous editor Maddie runs our Instagram in a super fun way, therefore, holds the title Instagram Princess. The honest truth of it is, if you want to be a royal, you totally can be.

VTech brings out kids’ inner royalty with its branch of the Go! Go! Smart Friends line: Go! Go! Smart Princesses. This adorable line is made up of noble and magical characters that create a new fun world for toddlers and preschoolers. The line consists of new princes and princesses, fairies, a magical unicorn, and amazing play sets, such as the Go! Go! Smart Friends Enchanted Princess Palace.

And, boy, is it enchanting. First of all, this baby expands up to 4 feet. FOUR FEET. It is everything I’ve ever dreamed of (#meanttoberoyal) in a palace. It has a ballroom, a music room, a kitchen, a bedroom, and an observation tower for each Go! Go! Smart Friend character to explore. The set comes with Princess Darla, who can be placed on any of the five MagicPoint locations. When she is, kids can get acquainted with her friendly personality, see the set light up, and hear her say different phrases. When Darla’s royal friends are visiting, they can interact at the MagicChat tea set table, where they will chat and sing with each other.

Not only is this play set adorable and fun, but it’s also packed with educational aspects (because, VTech!). The palace has a clock with a movable hand so kids can learn how to tell time. There are three light-up buttons that introduce kids to words, colors, letters, and numbers. And that’s not all. Kids can also press those buttons to hear magical melodies and songs to which they can sing along.

While the Go! Go! Smart Friends Enchanted Princess Palace is packed full of fun and learning, kids can create a whole kingdom using the rest of the characters and creatures from other Go! Go! Smart Friends play sets to create an entire magical kingdom that’s all their own.

Travel Across the World for a Colorful Celebration with Kerala

World travel is now just a game night away.

Kerala is one of the newest editions to Thames & Kosmos’ collection of fun, educational games. The game is based off of Kerala, the festive elephant celebration in the Indian province of Kerala. Packed into the decorative box, Kerala immerses players into the colorful celebration where they must create the most elegant platform for their elephants.

Throughout the game, each player tries to create the best platform with at least one tile of each color. During each round, players will move one of their two elephants in order to draw a new tile and expand their platform. The game ends when the bag filled with tiles to draw is empty. The player that collects the most points—based off of tile placement—wins.

Each player begins the game with a Start Tile in their own color and the two matching elephant figures. The first player draws the same number of tiles from the bag as the number of players and leaves them face up in the center of the playing area. That player then chooses which tile they want to add to their platform and places it either vertically or horizontally next to their two Start Tiles and moves one of their elephants.

The next player then follows the same steps. This continues until each player goes and there are no tiles in the playing area. The following rounds continue in the same steps, where players choose and place their tile and move their elephant. Players can only place a tile down in a spot that is adjacent to one of the elephants. Special Move Tiles are mixed into the draw bag. When a player picks on of these, he or she can move their elephant to any tile on their board during that turn.

There’s a method to the madness. Placement comes into play at the end of the game when there are no tiles left to draw. As opposed to randomly placing tiles throughout the game, players must strategically place them in order to score the most points at the end of the game. For example, a main objective of the game is to try to place all the tiles of one color continuously adjacent to each other. When a player’s festival platform is filled with colors in different sections, only one section can be counted as points when tallying up the score. In order to keep the same color tiles in one area, players can stack tiles as long as that tile is being placed next to an elephant figure.

Kerala also features special tiles and different ways that players can place tiles in order to gain the most points and avoid the subtraction of any points. Players use their score cards to tally up their points. The player that earned the most points from their festival platform is the winner of the game.

Kerala is a vibrant and fun game that kids will be drawn to instantly. While they place their tiles and expand their festival platform, they will also get a look inside a cultural celebration that takes place across the world.


Lose Your Marbles Over the Marbleocity Skate Park Maker Kit

Whether you’re an avid tinkerer or just looking for something to get your gears turning, the Marbleocity Skate Park Maker Kit has something worth your time.

There’s more than meets the eye with Tinkineer’s Marbleocity Skate Park Maker Kit, from PlayMonster. During its construction, the marble track teaches kids beginner physics concepts, such as velocity and centripetal force.

While this might not sound appealing to most kids at first, this STEM toy makes these concepts and others fun to learn thanks to the excitement that comes out of successfully assembling the track. It takes about three to five hours to finish, and the steps are divided into separate “days” that make the more than 80 pieces seem less intimidating. Of course, kids can finish the track in one day if they want, they just have to make sure they leave time for the glue to dry.

Patience is a definite requirement for the construction process. The pieces won’t always stick perfectly on the first try, and kids risk breaking them if they press too hard. Since my experience with building toys stops with LEGOs, I expected to have a lot more issues with the construction than I did. However, the instructions are easy to follow as long as kids take their time.

Be prepared for a bit of mess—by the end of the five-hour building process, my hands were sticky with glue and sprinkled with little wood shavings. Lay out some wax paper and use toothpicks or Q-tips for the glue to help keep your work area—and your kid—clean while they tinker with the set. (Also: You’ll have to provide your own glue to assemble the park.)

The finished product is an elaborate set of gears and ramps that resembles a skate park, which brings to life to set’s included comic book, “The Tinkineers in Skate Park Lark.” The comic book further illustrates the concepts kids will learn about while they build the set in a more colorful, amusing form.

Once kids are done building, it’s time to get rolling. As they turn the lever and get the gears turning, the eight marbles will take one of two courses on the track: they’ll either launch off a ramp onto a set of seven “stairs” to zigzag through, or they’ll glide down a ramp onto a structure that resembles a grind rail skateboarders use.

The marbles will occasionally roll into crevices and corners and get stuck if kids aren’t careful, so to ensure their creation works seamlessly, they have to slowly turn the lever counter-clockwise, otherwise they risk the marbles getting caught in the gears. As long as they keep the gears spinning at a steady pace, physics handles the rest, and the marbles will continue rolling around the course without much of a hitch.

The toy is a hit as both a learning toy and a confidence booster—kids can take pride in knowing they made something so elaborate that operates like a machine, and they can walk away from the project with some fresh physics knowledge.


  •  AGES: 12+
  •  MSRP: $59.99

Wet & Wild Water Toys on Better Western Mass

When the temperatures start rising, there’s no better way for kids to cool off than to play in the water. It stopped by Better Western Massachusetts to show off some of the best water toys for kids to stay entertained and cool in the summer. For more on the products featured in this segment, check out the notes below, and for more on the hottest new toys of the season be sure to view our Spring and Summer Toy Guide.

H20GO! My First Frame Pool (Bestway)


  • My First Frame Pool by Bestway is perfect for kids trying to beat the heat!
  • Easy set up of the rust-resistant frame, PVC connectors and polyester 3-ply sidewalls.
  • With a 96-gallon water capacity, there is plenty of splash potential!
  • Age: 3+
  • MSRP: $27.99
  • Available: Walmart, Amazon

Bunch O Balloons Filler/Soaker (Zuru)

  • Bring Bunch O Balloons to the park, the beach, or anywhere you go this summer!
  • The new Filler/Soaker can fill up Bunch O Balloons or double as a water blaster.
  • You no longer need a hose to fill Bunch O Ballons, just attach the balloons to the front nozzle, place the Filler/Soaker into a body of water such as a bucket or a pool and make hundreds of self-sealing water balloons in minutes!
  • Use the filler as a water blaster that shoots water more than 30 feet.
  • Includes three bunches of water balloons.
  • MSRP $14.99
  • Age: 3+
  • Available: Amazon, Toys “R” Us, Target, Walmart

OgoDisk H20 (OgoSport)

  • OgoDisk H2O can fly, float, and dominate any water balloon fight.
  • The first hand-held disk designed for water balloon play can also double down as the ultimate pool or beach toy with its ability to float in the water.
  • Ideal for active play, this disk can be thrown like a Frisbee, can float in the ocean or pool, or be used as a paddle with the included water balloons.
  • Age: 6+
  • MSRP: $19.99
  • Available: Amazon

Adventure Force Hydro Blitz Power-Pump Water Blaster (Prime Time Toys)

  • Pump up the action with the Hydro Blitz water blaster! The Hydro Blitz power pump action sends water flying up to 35 feet with every pump.  Slide forward to load the water and push back to blast the competition.   The water reservoir holds up to 57- ounces for a steady stream.
  • Ages 6+
  • MSRP: $9.88
  • Available: Amazon, Walmart

Pool Floats (Big Mouth Toys)

  • The Giant Peace Sign float measures 4 feet across.
  • Made from durable vinyl, each float holds up to 200 pounds and is easy to wipe down, inflate/deflate, and store.
  • Perfect for tweens and teens, thanks to trendy patterns and shapes!
  • Age: 8+
  • MSRP: $19.99-$24.99
  • Available: Target

Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table (Step2)

  • The Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table acts as a mini water park in the backyard for multi-child play.
  • This water table introduces STEM concepts to toddlers through scooping and pouring water, which activates maze-like spinners and ramps, creating a cascading waterfall.
  • Large table platform lets multiple kids play together, making it great for social and interactive play
  • Great for pre-swimmers!
  • Age: 18 MOS+
  • MSRP: $69.99
  • Available: Amazon, Walmart, Toys “R” Us

Horse Around With Spirit And Friends With This Western-Themed Line

Are you or your little equestrian obsessed with Spirit: Riding Free on Netflix? I know my work wives and I are. (P.S. if you haven’t heard of the show—stop horsing around and get streaming!)

This Netflix series chronicles the tale of Lucky, a former city girl who moves to a small western town, or as she would call it “the middle of nowhere.” As she adjusts to her new life in the west, she instantly connects with a wild horse named Spirit, and makes quick friends with two other girls, Pru and Abigail. Together the girls push their limits to the max, with their hoofed pals, and discover what it truly means to be free. You may recognize lead horse, Spirit, from DreamWorks’ Oscar-nominated film Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron, which inspired the series.

But now, we can bring Spirit, Lucky, and the rest of the clan into our homes. The Just Play DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free line offers a slew of must-have toys for any spirited Spirit fans.

We first took a look at the Spirit and Lucky Deluxe Feeding Set and were enthralled by the way we could actually feed Spirit IRL. While this scaled down of version of Spirit is only 14 inches, he acts just like a real horse and loves carrots. Kids can press the button on his back to activate his realistic and mouth and jaw movement. Spirit can dip his head down just like a real horse to eat or drink, and kids can make Lucky feed him carrots—his favorite treat! And yes, he renders realistic horse sounds.

The set comes with: one animated Spirit figure, one bendable Lucky character figure, one canteen, one bucket, four play carrots, one blanket, and a DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free: The Adventure Begins novel written by Suzanne Selfors.

Next, we checked out the Spirit Barn Playset, which allows children to imaginatively play with characters and recreate scenes from the show. Unlike the Deluxe Feeding Set, this set does not require batteries, and no eating or drinking will take place.

The barn comes with 24 pieces, including a Lucky Doll dressed in her signature outfit from the show, and a Spirit figure. This set features an upstairs hideaway where Lucky and her friends can sit and hang out, has extra fences so little horse lovers can extend the play space, a sliding door that leads to three horse stalls, and more!

Lucky’s bendable limbs really come into action in this barn. We positioned her to ride Spirit, sit on the couch in the barn, climb up a ladder, and other fun action poses. The set comes with lots of neat trinkets to decorate the barn, such as a weathervane, a lamp, fencing and a side gate. The play set also includes stickers kids can use to decorate the outside of the barn. They were very inspirational stickers, piggybacking off the themes of the show. The “Live Freely” sticker was our fav. Another win, the play set is extremely easy to assemble, with most pieces either snapping on or requiring no building at all.

Luckily, the barn is spacious enough to house some of Lucky’s friends, as it has one big room and three horse stables. Those interested in populating their barn further to give Lucky and Spirit some company, can purchase additional Spirit Riding Free Dolls and Classic Horses.

These sets include one character from the show and one horse (choose from: Pru and Chica Linda, Abigail and Boomerang, or Lucky and Spirit). Each doll stands five inches tall and have poseable arms and legs for kids to position them in awesome action poses or to ride their horse companions. These sets can be purchased to use with or without the barn play set, as they are their own unique, collectible toys. What’s great about the Spirit Riding Free Doll and Classic Horse Assortment is it promotes nurturing play as kids are able to groom the horses’ luscious manes.

Bottom line: We loved all these toys as each one was different from the last and required a different skillset.

Pling Pong Mixes Luck and Strategy

If you’re looking for a fun party game to add to game night, look no further than Pling Pong, from Buffalo Games.

My first impression of this game was that it is a kid version of the classic adult party game, beer pong (ha). But like all things, there is more than meets the eye, and a standard rule I have is, “never judge a toy by its cover.”

The objective is simple: Be the last player with cups on the board to win the game. Looks like a sweet, innocent game, right? Wrong! The Toy Insider team always takes games to the next level, and guys—this game gets INTENSE. We made alliances, decided on hard decisions to save ourselves, and totally tried to take each other down.

This fast-paced game takes some skill and strategy, but also mostly luck. Set up happens in a snap—literally—as you just have to interlock the four game trays into a grid. Each corner of the game has six colored cups, with a black cup in the middle. The cups are tiered so they’re not all on the same level.

Two to four players can play the standard game, but the more the merrier (and instructions offer six game variations for the potential to play a different game every time). In the standard four player game, each person chooses a color to stand behind. Each player gets two ping pong balls. The rules are easy: You must shoot the ball in your zone, and the ball must always bounce once in your zone. The zone is the area behind your cups.

Each round takes place when everyone gets a chance to shoot a ping pong ball twice. After all eight balls are thrown, the round is over. The goal is to eliminate other players’ cups from the board—while saving your own. Any cup with an odd number of balls are removed from the board, any cups with an even number of balls remain on the board, and any cups with no balls remain on the board.

So, if a player shoots a ball into your cup, you can cancel out that shot by trying to make it in your cup. Or, someone else can try to save you! If your ball lands in a black cup, you do the same thing and cancel out the shot by making in another shot. But, if your single ball remains in the cup, then you must remove one of your cups and everyone else gets to put one back in. This way, you can help your alliance members (if you choose to go all in and make them) bounce back (ha, I’ll be here all day) in the game.

The strategy comes in with every decision you make! You can choose to cancel out shots by trying to make it in another player’s cup, or you can go every man for him or herself style and exclusively save yourself. All players can gang up on one player (Joe), and you can even strategically land your ball in the black cup to give everyone a cup back. And, of course, when luck comes into play, you never really know where your ball will land. It gets wild.

Pling Pong is a hilarious fast-paced game filled with skill, luck, and strategy. Do yourself a favor and add it to your game shelf for a guaranteed good time every time you play!

**Pling Pong will be available at Target in August.

Review of The Top 5 and Best Travel Beds for Toddlers!

Sweet Dreams on the Go

Traveling with a young child can be tricky enough without having to worry about where they will sleep. The child’s comfort and safety are, of course, the primary considerations – hotels, and even friends and relatives, aren’t always likely to have suitable beds for little ones. Sometimes space itself is the issue; hotel rooms with two standard beds might accommodate the older members of the party, leaving the littlest traveler on what is often an old and uncomfortable roll away cot. Portable toddler beds can be an excellent solution to this problem, providing space, comfort and security for children, whether they are on an extended vacation or spending the night at Grandma’s.

Below, we have listed the top 5 portable toddler beds currently available from

Starting with #5…

#5 – Intex Kidz Travel Bed with Hand Pump

The Intex Kidz Travel Bed is an inflatable bed that fits into a separate inflatable frame. Since the mattress separates from the frame, you can easily use standard crib sheets with this bed. When used together, the frame surrounds the mattress with a roughly 10-inch-high wall – perfect for the little sleeper who is too big for a pack and play, but still at risk of falling out of a regular bed. The mattress and frame are both covered with a soft, flocked texture, and the set inflates easily with the included hand pump. When it’s no longer needed, the bed deflates and can be stored in the included carrying bag. Much more affordable than full-sized beds, and with extra features designed with toddlers in mind, the Intex Kidz Travel bed is a great choice for traveling youngsters.


#4 – Leachco BumpZZZ Travel Bed, Brown/Green Forest Frolics

The Leachco BumpZZZ Travel Bed is a lightweight, padded portable bed and lounger that converts to different uses as your child grows. This is a folding bed, rather than an inflatable one, so there’s no need to worry about carrying a pump around; you just fold the bed, secure the Velcro straps, slip it into the carrying bag, and off you go! The mattress has plenty of soft padding, as do the outer bumpers, keeping your toddler comfy and eliminating the risk they might roll off in the night. The padding and covering are removable for easy cleaning; you don’t need to bring extra sheets along with this bed. For older kids, the mattress also makes a cozy lounger to sit or lie on, making the BumpZZZ Travel Bed a longer-lasting investment for your family and getting you more for your money.


#3 – The Shrunks Indoor Travel Bed

Highly-rated The Shrunks Indoor Travel Bed is another inflatable option for kids on the go. The included electric pump has the bed filled and ready to go in as little as 30 seconds; no need for elbow grease pumping this one up! The mattress surface fits standard crib sheets and blankets, which can be securely tucked in all the way around. The inflatable surround features smooth ‘rails’ to keep toddlers who toss and turn safely in place. Available in a bigger twin size as well as the toddler size, the mattress comes with a patch kit and its own carrying bag for easy transport. The Shrunks bed is also made from Phthalate-safe and BpA-safe materials for extra peace of mind. All in all, it’s an affordable, and environmentally-friendly choice.


#2 – Regalo My Cot Portable Travel Bed

Sturdy and very easy to set up, the Regalo My Cot Portable Travel Bed is a no-fuss option for kids who need a place to crash, whether traveling, at a day care, or just on the sidelines at a sibling’s baseball practice. The canvas surface is soft and easy to clean – great for short naps – but the cots fit standard crib sheets if you want to add a little more padding for a longer sleep. The short legs provide a wide, sturdy base, while still raising little ones up off the ground, making this cot a good option for camping trips as well as indoor use. The cot also folds right down to fit in the included convenient carry bag. A very affordable option, the Regalo My Cot is an excellent choice, ready-made for travel.


#1 – AeroBed Mattress for Kids

The brand at number one is a name you probably recognize from full-sized inflatable beds, and for good reason. The very popular, highly rated AeroBed Mattress for Kids has the same sturdy, high-quality construction you’d expect from the company’s larger beds. These toddler-friendly beds are a bit bigger than most of the competition, measuring just smaller than a regular twin-sized bed. The AeroBed for Kids comes with a specially-fitted sheet of its own, but you can also use regular twin sheets (with a bit left over to tuck in). Unlike the full-sized models, this mattress features a 4-inch-high bumper surrounding the sleeping surface to keep kids from accidentally rolling off. Easy to inflate with its included AC pump, the bed fills in less than a minute, and deflates in just 15 seconds, to tuck back in the carrying bag. The very durable AeroBed is a great buy; affordable and long-lasting, it’s our number one choice for many nights of sweet dreams.

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